Quaker City

Quaker City

For Chemicals for your business Please visit our Website Chemical.net, or please call (888) 243- 6425. You can also email us at cservice@chemical.net or send us a message in our form HERE.
For Military specification products, or commercial oils and greases please see our site: QC Lubricants or call (800) 887-2436.


Just as Philadelphia is known in reference as "Quaker City," Quaker City Chemicals is recognized as a reputable business in Philadelphia, (Quaker City) since our very beginning.

Quaker City continues with values of good business, honesty, dedication to the customer with excellent service, and pride in reputation.

 Do you have a question? Quaker City is here for you. Our educated staff is eager to assist you with any question or issue you may have. This is what has held our reputation since we were founded in 1998.

 Quaker City Chemicals is a leading internet supplier of high purity chemicals and lab supplies as well as "LTL" organic & inorganic chemicals. We have "catalogue aggregated" over 75,000 related items.

Quaker City also carries a full line of products for our military, and our customers seeking military specification products and commercial grade oils and greases. It is our promise to each of our procurement officers that they will not receive better customer service anywhere else. Our Educated and dedicated staff is eager to hear from you with any questions and concerns.

As always we appreciate your business, and are eager to hear from you with any questions and / or concerns.
Quaker City

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Quaker City Mil-spec oils and greases